About Us

What is Chromeland Security?

Chomreland Security is Hancock's student ran help desk to support our 1:1 Chromebook initiative. This is a full year course that earns a Practical Art credit. Chromeland (Network Admin.) is open to sophomores through seniors. Students in this course are responsible for the following:

  • Supporting student Chromebooks
  • Supporting faculty and staff technology issues
  • Pursuing an independent learning pathway

When students are not busy supporting the district technology needs, they will be pursing their chosen technology pathway. There are five (5) different pathways for students to choose from, one of the pathways allows students to earn and industry certification.

Test Out   Certification
   Students who choose the certification pathway have a choice of three (3) different industry certifications: MS Office Pro, PC Pro A+, Networking Pro.

Web Desing   Web Design
   Students who choose the web design pathway will learn to create and publish web pages using a variety of languages such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Programming   Programming
   Students who choose the programming pathway will learn computer programming using JavaScript and C++.

App Development   App. Development
   Students who choose the app development pathway will develop apps for Android and iPhone devices. Students will also learn to use and emulator while developing apps.

  Communication Communication
    Students who choose the communication pathway will develop various means of communication within the Hancock School District as well as the community. Student swill create blogs, tutorial videos, and use twitter to share information.