Be sure to login to the Parent Portal @ to complete your child's Annual Enrollment Verification by tomorrow, August 12th.
1 day ago, HPSD
Annual Enrollment Verification
Incoming SENIORS (class of 2023), please read this note regarding immunization requirements for the upcoming school year. Direct any questions to Nurse Dianne Beiter at or 314-544-1300 x 538 #hpsdtigers #hphstigers
1 day ago, Hancock Place High School
First day for new teachers and @HPTigers fall sports. 2022-2023 is underway! Heine Meine is open!! Let’s go! #hpsdtigers
4 days ago, Dr. Carl
Heine Meine
Board room
New staff
New Teacher
#2: We are loving our new app! Access documents, news updates, and even emergency notifications, right from your pocket. Download for Android Download for iPhone
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Outstanding day of team building and professional learning for Hancock Place High School’s new Faculty Council! We are ready to lead and learn - bring on the students! #hphstigers #hpsdtigers
7 days ago, Hancock Place High School
Athletes must have a practice card before the first day! #hpsdtigers #hphstigers
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We're thrilled to announce the new app for HPSD! It's everything HPSD, in your pocket. Download for Android Download for iPhone
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Did someone say it’s International Tiger Day…in the Year of the Tiger?!??? #hphstigers #hpsdtigers
14 days ago, Hancock Place High School
Hancock Place is looking for a self starting, detail oriented individual to work at our Central Office. We offer competitive compensation and benefits in a collaborative and fast paced setting. Interviews will begin the week of Aug. 1. Apply at: #hpsdtigers
17 days ago, Dr. Carl
CO Registrar
Hancock Place Secondary Campus Library is getting a makeover! Wait until you see what we have planned for this space! #hpsdtigers
29 days ago, HPSD
coffee bar area
Chromeland Classroom
classroom and makerspace
new seating area